These beautiful pictures below are of Chateau de Vigny. Located in Vigny, Val-d'Oise, France. It is currently for sale with a 5.7 million dollar price tag. Which is a real bargain with 37,000 square feet and sitting on 44 acres. This includes a garden and a moat. All of this just 30 miles north of Paris. WOW! Wish I had a spare six million.


I have always loved castles, knights, jousting, etc. You know...the whole Middle Ages thing! Seeing the pictures of this beautiful castle inspired the poem you are about to read. Hope you enjoy!


Image result for small drawing of castle with full moon 


  I ride from my castle as army awaits,

My orders for marching, to challenge our fates. 

On far distant fields looms a battle to fight. 

Our destiny...arrives with mornings' light. 


With armor, longbow, and sword by their side, 

I’ve armed them for fight and survive. 

Their loyalty protects them to come to no harm, 

From foes that would rule over castle and farm. 


With clear sunrise, and mornings first beams, 

An enemy is waiting…invincible it seems. 

I ride to the fore-front with sword held high, 

And challenge their army “to battle and die!” 

Image result for small drawing of Medieval archers 

We charge! With trumpets and a thunderous shout. 

Raining arrows upon them...which leads to a rout! 

Retreating full-force in fear and confusion. 

Our might overwhelms! Their no illusion.


We march home rejoicing with laughter and songs, 

To the victor, not spoils...but gratitude belongs. 

As we cross into homeland, evening has come. 

I salute my army as they depart for home. 


I ride to my castle through darkening mist. 

Five knights surround me, all threats have been missed. 

The peace of my kingdom remains to endure. 

The walls of my castle still solid and sure. 


Rhythm of horse-hoofs the only sound near. 

With night-fall...the walls of my chateau appear. 

Drawbridge awaits us, we ride thru the gates, 

Into the courtyard. Celebration awaits!


Fire in hearth the feasting begins, 

With strings of a harp and beautiful hymns. 

Many hours later they start to retire,

With wishes of health, long-life to their sire. 


Weary from battle I climb the long stairs, 

To long nights’ rest, free from all cares. 

Night-in-gale sings...his song doesn’t cease; 

As full-moon rises over a castle at peace. 


Alarm clock awakes me. I shower and shave. 

Then goodbye to Shelley with a kiss and a wave. 

I pull from my driveway, can’t wait to get home, 

And put last nights’ dream...into a poem.


Bill Carawan

"Poetry Guy" 





When I got almost thru writing this poem, the verse for the ending came to me. I liked it, so I wrote it down and saved it for the end.


Even now, every time I read the last verse I laugh and think, "This is a real Bob Newhart ending." For those of you not familiar with the name, he is a great comic who had two long-running sitcoms on TV.


In the first sitcom "The Bob Newhart Show" (1972-1978) he (Bob) played a psychiatrist who worked in Chicago and lived outside the city with his wife Emily (played by Suzanne Pleshette).


In the second sitcom "Newhart" (1982-1990) which was set in Vermont, he (Dick) and his wife Joanna (played by Mary Frann) ran an Inn.


In the last few minutes of the final show of "Newhart" all of a sudden a scene opens and there is Bob and his wife Emily (Suzanne Pleshette) from the first sitcom sleeping in their bedroom (from the first sitcom) and Bob suddenly wakes up very excited and begins telling Emily, "You wouldn't believe the dream I was having! I was running an Inn in Vermont" ...and then he describes all of the characters from the second sitcom, as if they were all "characters from his dream." I still remember that the "ratings" for that final show "went through the roof!"


I know the last verse of my poem was a surprise to you! It was to me also, but I thought it was a "fun" ending.










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